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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Cut Out the Clip eCoupons?
Cut Out the Clip eCoupons are another way to save at TOPS. They are electronic coupons that can be added directly to your to your TOPS BonusPlus®. Visit our website at to select the electronic coupons that you would like to add to your card; next time you shop purchase the required products and present your TOPS BonusPlus® at checkout for your eCoupon savings to be automatically deducted from your total.
How do I start using Cut out the Clip eCoupons?

Using Cut Out the Clip Coupons is easy!

  1. Visit Us Online - Login to your online account at If you don't have an online account, see the next FAQ on how to register.
  2. Click Coupons - Visit the Cut Out the Clip eCoupons page and select the coupons that you would like to add to your TOPS BonusPlus®. You can also select coupons on recipes, the digital weekly ad, as well as on your smartphone or other mobile device.
  3. Print Your Shopping List or Use Your Smartphone - Your online Shopping List will show all of the eCoupons that TOPS BonusPlus® and present your card at checkout. Your eCoupon savings will be automatically subtracted with all other discounts that you receive.
How do I register for an online account on the Tops Markets website?
Customers with a TOPS BonusPlus® can easily register on the Tops Markets website to take advantage of our many advanced features including viewing your store's weekly ad, creating a shopping list, saving your favorite recipes and selecting eCoupons.
  1. Visit
  2. Click "Register" under "My Account" on the right side of the page.
  3. Enter your Last Name and TOPS BonusPlus® number and select "Create."
  4. Enter your email address, preferences and create a password to complete your new account setup.
Can I add Cut Out the Clip eCoupons to my TOPS BonusPlus®
Yes, Cut Out the Clip eCoupons can be added to either your TOPS BonusPlus® OR your TOPS BonusPlus™. If you already have a TOPS BonusPlus™, you do NOT need to sign up for a new TOPS BonusPlus® card. If you do not have a TOPS BonusPlus® you can sign up for a free card at the Customer Service Desk at any TOPS Friendly Market.
Do I need to print eCoupons?
No. eCoupons are paperless and work automatically after adding them to your TOPS BonusPlus®. However, we do encourage you to print a copy of your online Shopping List from or access your shopping list on your smartphone; your Shopping List will show all of the eCoupons that you have added to your card and will help you remember the specific details pertaining to each coupon's purchase requirement.
What is Coupon Central®?
Coupon Central® is your one-stop spot to find great coupon savings on On Coupon Central®, not only will you find eCoupons, but also Printable Coupons and the latest Checkout Coupon offers - visit Coupon Central® on and saving more today!
Can I use a Cut Out the Clip eCoupon and a Paper Coupon on the Same Item?
There is a limit of one coupon per item purchased; you may use a paper coupon OR an eCoupon, but not both on the same item.
How much does it cost to use eCoupons?
There is no charge for using eCoupons. Cut Out the Clip eCoupons are a perk of your TOPS BonusPlus® and another way TOPS offers savings to our customers!
Can I have more than one user on my TOPS BonusPlus® or Cut Out the Clip eCoupon account?
Your TOPS BonusPlus® is registered to the person who originally signed up for the card. However, for your convenience, we automatically link all TOPS BonusPlus® cards in your household together. Therefore, eCoupons are available to redeem by any linked card in your household. Please keep in mind that your eCoupons will be automatically subtracted when the item is purchased and may be redeemed by ANY card in your household.
Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before my Cut Out the Clip eCoupons are available?
No. Cut Out the Clip eCoupons are available for use the moment you add them to your TOPS BonusPlus®.
Where can I see the Cut Out the Clip eCoupons that I have saved to my TOPS BonusPlus® account?
When logged into your account on, you will be able to find your clicked coupons in two places:
  1. ANY eCoupon that you have selected will appear on your online Shopping List, along with any weekly ad items or groceries that you have added to your list. PLEASE NOTE: the coupon expiration date is listed on your shopping list. If a coupon has expired after you print your list, it will no longer be redeemable. Once you redeem a coupon, it will not automatically disappear from your list. In addition, some coupons are cancelled prior to their expiration date.
  2. For a list of eCoupons that are currently available for you to redeem from your TOPS BonusPlus®, select "MY COUPONS" on the eCoupon pages. This page will NOT display coupons that have expired or have already been redeemed.
Is there a limit to the number of eCoupons I can save to my TOPS BonusPlus®?
No, feel free to take advantage of all the great Cut Out the Clip eCoupon savings.
How do I know the coupon has been used?
Your savings will be itemized on your receipt. Additionally, the coupon will no longer appear when you visit the "MY COUPONS" page on the Tops Markets website.
Do Cut Out the Clip eCoupons expire?
Yes. Expiration dates appear on each coupon, on your online Shopping List and on your list of "My Coupons."
How do I know when a coupon is going to expire?
The expiration date is shown on each coupon. Expired coupons will no longer be redeemable.
How many times can an eCoupon be used?
The number of times an eCoupon can be used is up to the manufacturer, but most coupons can be used only once. If an eCoupon can be used more than once it will be displayed again for you after you have redeemed the coupon and return to the eCoupons page on
Can I still redeem my eCoupons if I forgot my TOPS BonusPlus® when I go shopping?
Yes. If you forgot your card you can enter your 10-digit phone number at checkout to get all your savings - including your eCoupons. To make sure your phone number is up-to-date on your TOPS BonusPlus® visit Under "My Account," select "Login" and then "Update Profile."
Are all products for which there are eCoupons available at all store locations?
While the products for which we have eCoupons are available in most TOPS locations, some products may not be available at all stores.
How often will new Cut Out the Clip eCoupons be available?
New offers will typically be posted on a weekly basis on
How can I see new Cut Out the Clip eCoupons?
New coupons will be displayed along with any other eCoupons that you have not saved to your TOPS BonusPlus®; however, newer coupons will always display toward the top of the available coupons.
What do I do if I forgot my password to login to
Simply select the "Forgot Password" link located under the sign-in area, and an email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password. You'll be automatically logged-in once you reset your password. You can also login to your account without a password by using your TOPS BonusPlus® number and your last name.
How do I change my password for my account?
After you login, select "Updated Profile" under "My Account," enter you current password, confirm your contact information and preferences are correct and enter and confirm your new password in the appropriate fields and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
What do I do when a coupon does not redeem at the register?
Please see an associate at the Customer Service desk for any issues. You can also call 1-855-624-3195 (Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM) or email to resolve any issues. You will need to include your TOPS BonusPlus® number and transaction information.
If I return an item for which I received a discount, can I reuse my discount the next time I shop?
Once an offer has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.
If my transaction is voided after my TOPS BonusPlus® is scanned, will the discount still be available for me to use?
Yes. As long as the transaction has not been finalized, you can use the discount in a future shopping trip.
My question is not answered here, where can I learn more?
If you haven't found an answer to your question, please call 1-855-624-3195 (Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM) or email (Mon-Fri, 8a-6p) for assistance.
What services are available for use on my smartphone or mobile device?
With our mobile website, you can register and login, view coupons, weekly ad items, recipes and select coupons to redeem. You can visit this site by entering in your smartphone's browser.
What devices do your mobile services work with?
The mobile web site works on any mobile web-capable device with a modern browser, including all iPhones, most Android smartphones and many Blackberrys.
How do I access coupons from my mobile device?
Using your phone's browser, go to the Tops Market mobile website and login to your account.
How do I save coupons from my phone?
Once you've logged-in to your online account, you can view coupons by selecting coupons from the mobile index page or the weekly ad page. Tap on the coupon you want and it will be added to your shopping list and immediately available for redemption at any Tops Market store.
How do I use coupons that I saved from my phone?
eCoupons saved from your phone are redeemed the same way as coupons saved from your computer. Just provide your TOPS BonusPlus® at checkout and your savings will automatically be deducted from your total.

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