Family meals are the foundation for a healthy nation. People who eat more meals together eat more fruits and vegetables, and have better diets in general. But did you know that family meals improve family connectedness, communication, expressiveness and problem solving too? No matter how you define family, you can stay strong with Family Meals.

The aim of family meals month is simple, to commit to staying strong will family meals. This can be done by simply pledging to have one more meal together at home, per week. We know this isn't easily done. That is where we can help, you bring the desire and we will bring the support.

The stay-at-home realities of the global pandemic created increased opportunities for family meals resulting in new found awareness and appreciation for the benefits of eating together. Then in the month of September will continue to serve as an opportunity to accentuate the value of family meals. However, it is clear that the support of family meals has evolved to be so significant and has become a social movement - The #FamilyMealsMovement.

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Family meals are beneficial to the entire family in ways you would never think of. Learn the positives to having meals together consistently.