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TIE Coordinators TOPS in Education - Earn Free Money For Your School!
10. Hold a Contest in Your School

Award a prize to the student and/or classroom that recruits the most supporters!

9. Open Houses and Parent Teacher Conferences

Don't miss out on this great face-to-face opportunity to tell parents about supporting your school.

8. Take Advantage of "Power Registration"

Print a Power Registration form here and recruit supporters at all of your school events.

7. Emails and Newsletters

Be sure to tell parents and community members about TOPS in Education in all of the communications you send out to the community throughout the year.

6. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Take advantage of your school's social media tools to spread the word; make regular posts and link directly to so supporters can easily sign up for your school.

5. Purchase TOPS Brand Products for School Events

Plan a food drive for your local food bank or pantry when purchasing food or supplies for school events, meetings, or fundraisers. You can buy participating TOPS brand products and increase your school's donation at the same time.

4. Sign Up for Monthly Payments

Don't wait to get a check in the summer; click here, fill out the form and we'll deposit the funds into the school account of your choice every month!

3. PA Announcements

Let your students know through your morning announcements, and spread the word through announcements at all of your sporting events-fans can get out their smart phones and sign up right away at

2. Take Advantage of our Fundraising Toolkit

Check out all kinds of materials to help you spread the word on the right side of this page. We've already done the work for you!

1. Keep Reminding!

We all know it's easy to forget, so be sure to take advantage of every opportunity you have to reach out to parents and community members and keep reminding them to sign up to raise free money for your school!

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Your school group can register and earn their own funds! Bands, clubs, sports teams-ANY organization in your school can create their own TOPS in Education account and recruit their own supporters!

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