Open your game ticket to reveal your four TOPS MONOPOLY Collect & Win markers. Match the markers to your game board to win. But your chances of getting in on the edge-of-your-seat action don't stop there! Check out these other ways to win:


Over a million instant winners will get a piece of the prize-winning action immediately-up to $1,000 cash! Learn More >


Enter the 2nd Chance Sweeps for your chance to win $50,000 in an action-packed drawing! Learn More >


The online game is back with more chances and more prizes than ever-up to $20,000 CASH! Learn More >

Now you can interact with TOPS
MONOPOLY like never before!

On top of all the thrilling prize-winning action available this year, now you can see Mr. MONOPOLY and his team of tokens in action using your smartphone! Plus, you can get in on the fun too!

We invite you to explore the Interactive TOPS MONOPOLY Universe by using your TOPS BonusPlus® Mobile App!

Need to download the mobile app? Find it at the following stores:

Once you’re in the app, it’s time to have fun! Check out everything you can do in the Interactive TOPS MONOPOLY Universe!

Take a MONOPOLY-themed Selfie!

Take your selfie game to a whole new level with special MONOPOLY-themed filters. Pretend you’re as rich as Mr. MONOPOLY or get into jail (free!). Then share your selfie with your friends (and TOPS!), and everyone will want to get in on the selfie action!

MONOPOLY Game Ticket Tracker

Now you can keep track of which MONOPOLY game tickets you’ve collected, right on your phone! Just scroll through the list to see what tickets you have and see how many more you need to win. You can add tickets as soon as you collect them.

Start exploring the Interactive TOPS MONOPOLY Universe today!


So many chances to win prizes, money-saving offers and of course, buckets and buckets of cash when you play in store!

Collect TOPS Monopoly Collect & Win game tickets and attach them to your gameboard. Complete a prize area to become a lucky winner!

See below for full prize list, and remember you gotta play to win!

instant wins


$250,000 New Home for You and Your Dog

Scottie the Dog can help track down new digs for you and man's best friend. You'll all live in the lap of luxury!

$35,000 Kitchen and Laundry Makeover

Upgrade your cook and clean game when the Thimble helps you find a thread of winning markers!

$100,000 His and Hers Luxury Cars

Both of you will hit the road in style once you get these motors runnin'. The Car will help you find your need for speed!

$20,000 Toward College Tuition

Getting a college education isn't cheap, but the Wheelbarrow can help lighten the load.

$10,000 Trip to NYC plus a Designer Wardrobe

All the best fashion action can be found in the big city. Go big!

Free Groceries for a Year

You'll be your family's hero when your grocery bill goes to zero! ($5,000 Value)

$3,000 7-Day Caribbean Cruise for 2

If the combination of fun and relaxation is your idea of getting in on the action, then this is the prize for you!

Free Gas for a Year

Keep your tank filled for an action-packed road trip adventure! ($2,500 Value)

$1,500 Smart HDTV Package

Get a front row seat for all your favorite movies with this sleek TV package.

Darien Lake Family Vacation

Fill your days with action and speed at Darien Lake! $1,000 value

$250 Gift Card(s) of Your Choice

As good as cash, this prize will help you get the gear you want at your favorite retailers.

$100 TOPS Gift Card

Who couldn't use $100 for groceries, gas and more?

Dinner's on Us

Give your stove a night off and let TOPS take care of the cooking! $20 value

Family Pack of Movie Tickets

Whether you like action (you should) or comedy or something else, you'll entertain the whole family with this prize. ($50 value)

$10 Cash

The action's always at the ten spot.

$5 Cash

Everyone likes an honest Abe!


The TOPS MONOPOLY Online Game is back with even more huge CASH prizes!

Many TOPS MONOPOLY Collect & Win tickets include Online game codes. Enter your codes to see if you've won!

$20,000 Cash

20 Grand? My hero!

$10,000 Cash

Freshen it up — spruce up or redecorate your home.

$5,000 Cash

Take a trip to the Caribbean.

Rockin' Concert Getaway ($3,000)

Enter your codes online and you could be transported to your dream concert experience. Choose any Live Nation concert event in the contiguous United States and receive airfare and accommodations. Learn more >

$2,000 Cash

Hop in the car and take a road trip!

$1,000 Cash

Isn't life grand?

$500 Cash

Have Mondo fundo with five hundo!

$200 Cash

Two big bills for double the thrills!

$100 Cash

It's all about Benjamin, baby.

$25 Cash

Enjoy more with this easy $25.

Instant $2 Cash

2 dolla makes you holla!
Win a $2 TOPS Click-to-Card Coupon to use on your next shopping trip!

FREE Product

Nothing beats free stuff! Win a TOPS Click-to-Card FREE PRODUCT Coupon!


Bonus Ticket

Receive one bonus game ticket at checkout for every specially marked product you purchase—just look for this tag on over 2,000 items throughout the store.

As part of the Great American Milk Drive, TOPS will match your instant win ticket for a half gallon of milk by donating another half gallon of milk to your local food bank.

Why donate milk?

Right now, 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. Food banks provide critically needed nourishment including milk to millions of Americans, but they can’t always meet demand. In order to improve the nutritional quality of the meals they provide, food banks rely on donations of milk from people like you.

You can help. Click here to donate to the Great American Milk Drive.

Donate Now


+ 1. What are the dates of the promotion?

April 19, 2015 through June 11, 2015 (12 weeks), or when all game tickets have been distributed.

+ 2. What are the prizes?

For the Collect & Win Game:
$250,000 New Home/Cash (4 chances)
$100,000 His/Her Luxury Car/Cash (6 chances)
$35,000 Kitchen/Laundry Remodel/Cash (8 chances)
$20,000 College Tuition/Cash (10 chances)
$10,000 Trip to NYC & Wardrobe/Cash (12 chances)
$5,000 TOPS Free Groceries for a Year (14 chances)
$3,000 7-Day Caribbean Cruise for 2 (16 chances)
$2,500 TOPS Free Gas for a Year (18 chances)
$1,500 Smart HD TV Package (20 chances)
$1,000 Darien Lake Family Vacation (30 chances)
$250 Gift Card of Choice (50 chances)
$100 TOPS Gift Card (100 chances)
$50 Family Pack of Movie Tickets (150 chances)
$20 Family Night - Dinner’s On Us (500 chances)
$10 Cash (5,000 chances)
$5 Cash (10,000)

Instant $1,000 (4 chances)
Instant $500 (10 chances)
Instant $200 (15 chances)
Instant $100 (25 chances)
Instant $50 (100 chances)
Instant $20 (200 chances)
$2 TOPS Bonus Bucks (100,000 chances)
$1 TOPS Bonus Buck (200,000 chances)
Instant Winner/Free product (549,820 chances)
Darien Lake $5 Discount (100,000 chances)
Redbox (50,000 chances)
Two Bonus Game Tickets (1,500,000 chances
For the Online Game:
$20,000 Cash (1 chance)
$10,000 Cash (2 chances)
$5,000 Cash (4 chances)
$4,000 Live Nation "Rockin' Concert" Giveaway (1 chance)
$2,000 Cash (6 chances)
$1,000 Cash (10 chances)
$500 Cash (50 chances)
$200 Cash (100 chances)
$100 Cash (200 chances)
$25 Cash (400 chances)
$2 TOPS Bonus Bucks (1,500 chances)
Free Product (10,000 chances)
Two Bonus Game Tickets (1,000,000 chances)

+ 3. How do I obtain game tickets?

A.) Receive one game ticket:
• with each purchase transaction
• for each participating vendor product purchased
B.) For a no purchase necessary entry, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope
(Vermont residents may omit return postage) to:
TOPS 2015 MONOPOLY Collect and Win Game Ticket Request
PO Box 965905
Marietta, GA 30066

+ 4. How do I play?

Open the game ticket. Inside, find a Online Game code, a coupon good for cents off a product in our stores or a coupon good for an instant winner, free product or an entry in the 2nd Chance Sweeps. Also inside are four markers, designed to affix to the game board.

+ 5. How do I win?

Affix markers to the TOPS MONOPOLY Collect & Win game board. Collect all markers printed under the prize and win that prize (subject to verification).

+ 6. What do I do when I collect all the markers needed for a prize?

Take your gameboard and markers to the Customer Service desk at any TOPS Friendly Markets store.

+ 7. Is there a deadline for turning in potential winning entries?

Yes. All potential Collect & Win game winners must be presented in person to the Customer Service desk in any of our stores on or before August 1, 2015.

+ 8. How do I enter the Online Game?

More than 9 million game tickets will include a game marker with a 12-digit alphanumeric code. Go to and click the Online Game button. You will be required to register on your first visit before entering any codes. On subsequent visits you will simply be required to log in before entering any codes. After the codes are entered, you will be notified if any codes entered are a winner or not. If code is a winner, you will be provided with instructions on how to claim your prize and will also receive an email from the game administrator. You may enter up to five (5) codes at one time.

+ 9. Where can I get more information? (Official rules, odds of winning, etc.)

Visit any of our stores in New York, Pennsylvania or Vermont or visit for details.

+ 10. Will I receive game tickets from the Pharmacy, Carry Out Cafe or Floral register?

Yes, You will receive one game ticket for your Pharmacy purchase, one game ticket for your Carry Out Cafe purchase or one game ticket for your Floral purchase, plus bonus game tickets as indicated on the receipt for any participating vendor products purchased.

+ 11. Transactions at the Service Desk, such as Lotto, Western Union, payments and Money Order: are these considered transactions to get a game ticket?

You will receive one ticket per trip to the Customer Service Desk. For example, you may conduct several transactions at the Service Desk, but will only be awarded one ticket. The Service Desk Associates will give you your ticket with your receipt and circle or highlight the receipt for all the transactions completed and give them to you with one game ticket.

+ 12.If I do not have my TOPS BonusPlus® card how do I receive Bonus Tickets

You can use your telephone number associated with your TOPS BonusPlus®. If you can‚Äôt remember, you can request to use the store manager's card, and it will trigger the bonus game tickets.

+ 13. Will the receipt say the number of game tickets I should have received if I did not use my TOPS BonusPlus®, but have one at home and used the Manager's card at the time of purchase?

If you do not use a TOPS BonusPlus® (either your own or a Manager Card), the total number of tickets that could have been earned will not appear on the receipt. However, the bonus game ticket MONOPOLY items will be identified on the register receipt with a ">" symbol in front of the product description. You can return to the store with your card and receipt to get the unawarded tickets you earned. If the Manager Card is used within the order, you will qualify for bonus game tickets and will be totaled on the bottom of the receipt.

+ 14. Do I receive a game ticket at the Tim Horton's FRANCHISE locations inside TOPS?


+ 15. Do I receive a game ticket at TOPS XPress convenience stores or TOPS Fuel Stations?


+ 16. For PA customers like me, will milk be allowed?

For PA stores only: If milk is one of more items within the order, you will receive a game ticket. If milk is the only item purchased in an order, you will not receive a game ticket for that transaction.

+ 17. Are any items excluded?

Regarding beer purchases in all stores: these are not excluded from the game. Regarding tobacco purchases in all stores: if tobacco is one of more items within the order, you will receive a ticket. If tobacco is the only item purchased in the order, you will not receive a game ticket for that transaction.

+ 18. If I do not have a TOPS BonusPlus®, will the Manager's BonusPlus® be sufficient to make my purchase eligible?

All Customers, regardless of whether they have a TOPS BonusPlus®, will receive one game ticket with their order. In order to qualify for "Bonus" game tickets on participating item purchases, a TOPS BonusPlus® (or alternate phone number) must be used. Yes, the Manager's Card will qualify customers for Bonus game tickets.

+ 19. Will I be able to bring in their receipt at a later time if I do not have my TOPS BonusPlus® with me at the time of the transaction, to receive bonus items, game tickets, etc?

The bonus game ticket MONOPOLY items will be identified on your register receipt with a ">" symbol in front of the product description. You may bring this receipt with your TOPS BonusPlus® back to the Customer Service Desk to receive game tickets. However, if receipt is circled, that indicates that you did receive game tickets already. If the Manager Card is used, you will qualify for Bonus game tickets within your order.

+ 20. Do I have to have my game piece in order to claim my prize?

Yes, for the Collect & Win game, you will have to collect four to six game markers depending upon the prize; for the Instant prize, Free Product prize or Online prize you will need the original game coupon. If you have a free product coupon, you can redeem the coupon right at the register. For a winning online code, a prize form will need to be completed.

+ 21. Will cashing in a bottle script at the register qualify me for a MONOPOLY game ticket if no purchase is made?

Yes, but you receive only one game ticket. Even if you have multiple orders, you will still receive one game ticket.

+ 22. If I cash a check or pay a bill, does this qualify for a MONOPOLY game ticket? What if I pay several bills, am I entitled to one game ticket or do I get one for each bill I pay?

Yes, you will receive one game ticket. Even if you have multiple transactions, you will still receive one game ticket.

+ 23. Do I have to be 18 to receive a ticket or is there no age requirement?

There is no minimum age to receive a ticket. However, you must be at least 18 years of age to claim a prize.

+ 24. What if I cannot print my prize form for the Online game?

If you do not have a printer, please ask a friend or family member if you may use their printer or visit your public library to use their printer. You would need to log into your account and under Code History, you would see what prize you won and you can check the box to print the form from this site.


We wanted to make sure that everyone gets a chance to have an action-packed TOPS MONOPOLY season. That's why, in addition to the in-store and online game, you can enter the 2nd Chance Sweeps for your chance to win $50,000!

Reveal a 2nd Chance Sweeps entry form inside your game ticket for a chance to win. Just fill out the form and mail it to the address below and you're automatically entered! Winners will be randomly selected from these entrants!

Mail all official 2nd Chance Sweeps forms via first-class mail in a #10 envelope to:

2nd Chance Sweepstakes
P.O. Box 440728,
Kennesaw, GA 30160

You can include as many entry forms as you like in a single envelope. Just be sure to affix adequate postage.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.
© 1935, 2015 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR WIN. See store or for official rules and odds. Free mail-in entry available. Pictures of prizes are for informational purposes only and may not depict the exact prize awarded. Pictures or logos used as representations of prizes do not imply sponsorship in any way. Game ends July 11, 2015, or while supplies last.

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