Your School's TOPS in Education Toolbox

This toolbox has everything you need to get the word out about your school's participation in TOPS in Education. Click on the links below to download your TOPS in Education tools today!

Buy Participating TOPS Brands for School Events:
When purchasing food or supplies for school events or meetings, you can buy participating TOPS brand, Full CircleTM, TopCare®, Tippy Toes, Valu Time® and Best Yet® products and earn free money for your school at the same time!

Promote Registration at Events:
Encourage supporters to register for your school at PTA meetings, open houses, parent-teacher conferences, sports events, alumni events and more. Click here to print out flyers and use our Power Registration Form to recruit supporters at all of your events.

Promote to Fans During Sports Games:
Hang up flyers at sporting events to reach out to your school team's fans. Click here or the link to the right to download flyers for sporting events.

Promote Registration via School Communications:
Be sure to include information about your school's participation on your school website and throughout the classroom. Click the links below to download the TOPS in Education Logo, Banner Ads, Newspaper Blocks and Bookmarks. Help your school through our Facebook Advertisement, and use the Sample Letter to encourage teachers, faculty and staff to register their TOPS BonusPlus®, and select your school to help raise money each time they shop at TOPS, too!

Morning and Afternoon PA Announcements:
Remind students about your school's participation using our sample announcement sheet. Click here or the link below to download the sample announcement.


Facebook Advertisement

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Banner Ads

Newspaper Blocks

Power Registration Form

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School Flyer

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Sports Event Flyer

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Letter Sample

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PA Announcements

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