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Halloween Vegetable Platter

Tops Exclusive

Yield: Variable


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Shape the head of cauliflower to resemble a skull by removing portions of the cauliflower in small portions. The shape of the cauliflower should narrow from the top of the skull down to the chin.

Eyes: Remove cauliflower from area where the eyes would be and add two large cherry tomatoes.

Mouth/teeth: Cut off top portion of cauliflower leaving the hard base in the area where the mouth will be. Using a knife, cut to make two rows of small squares that resemble teeth.

Place the skull onto a large platter. Surround the skull with a variety of bite size vegetables such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, broccoli florets, red, yellow and orange bell pepper cut into strips, cherry tomatoes, small bite size peppers, sliced cucumber, sliced yellow squash sticks and sliced zucchini squash.

Serve with Ranch dressing and vegetable dipping sauce.

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