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Tops Friendly Markets Recipes

Vichyssoise with Smoked Salmon

Yield: Serves 4



1. Slice the leek and celery using the brunoise* cutting method.

2. Heat a saucepan on medium heat, add butter and Noilly Prat and saute the vegetables until translucent.

3. Incorporate the chicken stock, bring to a boil; add peeled and diced potatoes. Check seasoning (add salt if necessary) and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat.

4. Meanwhile slice the smoked salmon into a fine julienne.

5. After the cooking time, pour the soup into a blender and add creme fraiche. Blend for 1 minute. Remove the soup into a bowl and refrigerate.

6. To serve: pour the soup into a soup bowl, garnish with smoked salmon and celery leaves.

* brunoise [broo-NWAHZ]: A French word for a culinary knife cut in which the vegetables are first julienned and then turned 90° and diced again to create a small uniform dice. The mixture is then cooked slowly in butter or oil. The mixture is used to flavor soups and sauces or served as a garnish.

Recipe and photo used with permission from the Idaho Potato Commission -

Please note that some ingredients and brands may not be available in every store.

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Tops Friendly Markets Recipes

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