Tops Family Meals Strong


As we enter into the month of September, which is recognized as National Family Meals Month, we want you and your family to stay strong with family meals during these unprecedented times. That's why we are continuing to promise to be there for you and your family. During this time of COVID-19, you and your family have been sharing family meals more than ever. Why not extend your summer and have a family picnic or eat at the picnic table, choose a fun dinner theme like "Movie Night" where you have food from your favorite movie and dress up as your favorite character, the ideas and inspiration are endless. With that, you'll find this page as a great resource to keep you inspired and motivated to continue your family meals. Some highlights include a 4 week Family Challenge, Conversation Starter Cube, several printouts to help with the making of the family meal and the cleanup, fun ideas to liven up your family meals, weekly meal planner, and an expansive recipe page.

Why stay strong with Family Meals?

In the last 6 months, we have seen first hand the positive impact of family meals. Parents are making more family meals and working harder than ever before to break down the barriers that used to stand in the way of their family meals. Study after study continues to provide significant measurable proof about the positive benefits of family meals. Family meals continue to foster emotional balance, fend off risky behaviors, encourage healthy eating, improve communication skills, nourish a family's well-being, and strengthen a family bond. By continuing to prepare and eat meal meals with your family, you can continue to create positive change amongst your family and stay strong with Family Meals.

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