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Monopoly 2019 Winners


2019 TOPS Monopoly Official Rules(opens in new window)

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March 17, 2019 through June 8, 2019 (12 weeks), or when all game tickets have been distributed.

For the Instant Win Game:
$25,000 Car
$10,000 Cash
$1,000 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$100 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$10 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$10 Free Taste Bucks
$6 Go Bowling Game

$5 TOPS Grocery/Gas Card
$3.68 Free Prints
$2 Classic Card
$1.50 Redbox Rental
Free Product
50 TOPS GasPoints
Two (2) Free Game Tickets

For the Online Game:
$6,700 Outdoor Gear Package
$1,000 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$100 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$99 Instacart Membership for a Year
$10 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$5 TOPS Grocery/Gas Gift Card
$$3.68 Photo Prints from

$2 Classic Card from
Free Product $2 TOPS Bonus Bucks eCoupons
$1 TOPS Bonus Bucks eCoupons
Two (2) Free Game Tickets

Receive one game ticket:

  • with each purchase transaction
  • for each participating vendor product purchased

For a no purchase necessary entry, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope (Vermont residents may omit return postage) to:
TOPS 2019 MONOPOLY Instant Win Game Ticket Request
P.O. Box 367
Kennesaw, GA 30156

Open the game ticket. Inside, find a coupon for an Instant Win Prize, Online Game code, Free Product or cents off a product in our stores.

Find lucky tokens inside thousands of game tickets! Save these tokens and every week during the TOPS MONOPOLY program, check the front page of the Tops weekly ad to see if one of your lucky tokens matches that week's featured deal. Redeem your token at checkout to unlock the extra savings!

Receive an Instant Win coupon!

Follow the instructions on the coupon.

Yes. All potential winners must be presented in person to the Customer Service Desk in any of our stores on or before July 6, 2019.

More than 17.7 million game tickets will include a coupon with a 12-digit alpha numeric code. Go to and click the Online Game button. You will be required to register on your first visit before entering any codes. Subsequent visits will simply require you to log in before entering any codes. After the codes are entered, you will be notified if you are a potential winner or not. If you are a potential winner, you will be provided an online form with instructions on how to submit your prize claim and you will also receive a "reminder" email from the game administrator. You may enter up to five (5) codes at one time.

To create some excitement for our hard-working Associates, TOPS has developed a completely separate "Associate Game." It's a companion game that plays in a similar way, but it uses completely separate game boards and game markers. Associates and members of their households are not eligible to play in the Customer Game. Also, the pool of prizes they are playing for is completely separate from the prizes in the Customer game. Most importantly, having Tops Associates playing a separate companion game in no way affects the chances of our valued Customers winning prizes in the TOPS MONOPOLY Instant Win game.

Visit any of our stores in New York, Pennsylvania, or Vermont or visit for details.

Yes, you will receive one game ticket for your Pharmacy purchase, Carry Out Cafe purchase or Floral purchase, plus game tickets as indicated on the receipt for any participating vendor products purchased.

You will receive one game ticket per trip to the Customer Service Desk. For example, you may have several transactions at the Service Desk, but will only be awarded one game ticket.

Orders should not be divided to get more game tickets. The Official Rules do specify that "Customers are limited to receiving game tickets to one transaction per six-hour period." However, if you routinely shop for a family member or if it is an occasional request, the request will be honored. A Customer Service Manager will be called for any WIC transaction and one game ticket will be awarded plus any Bonus game tickets earned. If you have multiple WIC checks, additional game tickets would only be awarded if the WIC items were also Bonus Ticket Items.

You may enter your telephone number. If it is necessary, you may request to use the store's card, it will trigger the bonus game tickets.

If you do not use a TOPS BonusPlus® (either your own or a Manager Card) the total number of game tickets that could have been earned will not appear on the receipt. However, the Bonus game ticket MONOPOLY items will be identified on the register receipt with a ">" symbol in front of the product description. You may return to the store with your card and receipt to get the un-awarded game tickets you earned. If the Manager Card is used within the order, you will qualify for bonus game tickets and they will be totaled on the bottom of the receipt.



For PA stores only: If milk is one of more items within the order, no change in game process. If milk is the only item purchased in an order, no ticket will be awarded.

Question to be answered in two parts:
Regarding beer purchases in all stores: ticket will be awarded.
Regarding tobacco purchases in all stores: if tobacco is one of more items within the order, game piece will be awarded. If tobacco is the only item purchased in the order, no ticket will be awarded.

Regardless of whether you have a TOPS BonusPlus®, you will receive one game ticket with your order. In order to qualify for "Bonus" game tickets on participating item purchases, a TOPS BonusPlus® (or alternate phone number) must be used. Yes, the Manager's Card will qualify guest for Bonus game tickets

The Bonus game ticket MONOPOLY items will be identified on the register receipt with a ">" symbol in front of the product description. You may bring this receipt with your TOPS BonusPlus® back to the Customer Service Desk to receive your game tickets. However, if the Manager Card is used, you will qualify for Bonus game tickets within your order.

For the Instant prize, Free Product prize or online prize you will need the original game coupon. If you have a free product coupon, you can redeem the coupon right at the register. For the Online code, a prize form will be sent to the potential winner. The "low level" prizes are redeemed with the cashier through the register and "high level" prizes need to be sent in to be verified.

If there is a Tops Associate in your household, you must play the Associate Game. Please keep in mind that Associates and their family members should identify themselves to the cashier and the cashier will award the Associate game tickets earned during the transaction. The cashier will highlight or circle the number of game tickets earned on the bottom of the receipt and initial the receipt as proof that the game tickets were awarded.

There is no minimum age to receive a game ticket.

If you do not have a printer, please ask a friend or family member if you may use their printer or visit your public library to use their printer. You would need to log into your account and under Code History, you would see what prize you won and you can check the box to print the form from this site.

Only for stores that do NOT promote TOPS GasPoints, these instant win coupons may be redeemed to receive $1 off your purchase (excluding alcohol, tobacco, lottery, gift cards and office services). Present the coupon to the cashier to scan the barcode on the coupon; these coupons are set up to automatically take $1 off the purchase in non-participating TOPS GasPoints stores.

The Consumer Affairs Department can assist; they can be reached by calling 1-800-522-2522, Option 3 Mon-Fri 8 AM thru 8 PM and Sat & Sun from 9 AM thru 3PM.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR WIN. Game starts 3/17/19 and ends 6/8/19, or when all game tickets are distributed. Open only to residents of NY, PA and VT, 18 years of age or older. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Free mail-in entry available. See Official Rules and odds posted at participating stores or at Pictures of prizes are for informational purposes only and may not depict the exact prize awarded. Pictures or logos used as representations of prizes do not imply sponsorship in any way. Sponsored by Tops Markets, LLC, P.O. Box 1027, Buffalo NY 14240. The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. MONOPOLY © 1935, 2019 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Hasbro is not a sponsor of the promotion.