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Peach Salsa & Roasted Chipotle Taco Sauce

November 12, 2017

Hi, once again it's Elizabeth on behalf of TOPS Friendly Markets. I'm fired up to head south for more incredible items from the Culinary Tours line of products. Get ready for the best salsa and sauce Texas has to offer!

Sometimes, a flavor stays with you and you spend your life longing to taste it again. With 2 small kids and 1,000 items on my to-do list, I won't have the luxury of planning a vacation anytime soon. But I do take time to fondly remember the handful of trips that I have taken.

My favorite "vacation food" moment happened in El Paso, TX. We were in a hurry and our best option for lunch was a cart selling street tacos. Our group was skeptical at first (this cart was iffy at best), but our worry quickly turned into joy as we tasted the tacos; the combination of spicy chipotle peppers in a sweet sauce was unforgettable. This Roasted Chipotle Taco Sauce from Culinary Tours is exactly what I've been looking for all these years!

The moment I saw this sauce, I knew we were having chicken tacos for dinner that night. I cooked some chicken and sautéed corn, peppers and onions, but I didn't use a lot of seasoning because I wanted to see what this sauce could do. As soon as I opened the jar, I could tell from the smell we were in for a treat.

This street taco sauce is so good mixed in with the chicken, corn, peppers and onions! You get just a hint of sweetness to go with the bold and smoky flavor of the roasted chipotles. The kick of spice is just right. And, while my taco didn't come from a random cart in the streets of Texas, the rich flavor brought back the memory with every bite.

Our fun Texas-style adventure didn't stop there. I grabbed a jar of the Culinary Tours Peach Salsa for snacking. The peach flavor makes it super addicting, and it's milder. The best part? My son actually liked it!!! Please forgive the exclamation points; this is a huge breakthrough in my home! We ate the Peach Salsa with tortilla chips, but I could easily see using it on tacos or grilled pork tenderloin.

The Lone Star State is high on my list of food destinations. Now I can get the best of Texas any night I want, right here.

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