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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

November 4, 2017

Hello, it's Elizabeth again on behalf of TOPS Friendly Markets, and I'm so excited to share another incredible item with you from Culinary Tours. Grab your passport and join me as we travel across the ocean to Spain to sample liquid gold!

Sometimes the star of the meal is not the main ingredient. This Spanish extra virgin olive oil from Culinary Tours is a great example of a subtle flavor that carries your dish to great places.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between Italian and Spanish extra virgin olive oil. I find Italian olive oil to have more of an herbal taste, whereas Spanish olive oil is often fruitier and/or nuttier. You should choose wisely based on your recipe.

I love the sweet, nutty flavor of the Culinary Tours Spanish olive oil. Plus, it has a tiny kick of spice. This week, I was sautéing vegetables for my paella and I wanted to add a little flare of flavor. My husband is not a huge fan of spice. He thinks yellow mustard is too spicy! I like to play a game where I don't tell him I'm adding certain ingredients to see if he notices on his own. In this case, he enjoyed the little hint of heat.

When it comes to cooking, I sweat the details. It always brings me so much pride when my family and friends notice flavor combinations. Sharing meals should be an adventure, and the fun happens when you ditch the roadmap to experiment. If you're lucky, you get lost ... the good kind of lost.

Whether I'm mixing up a bowl of Spanish potato salad or frying chicken, I always make sure I have Spanish extra virgin olive oil on hand. I'm definitely using Culinary Tours as my go-to ingredient from now on.

I think I'll call it my "Oil of Olé!"

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