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puffed corn

Northwest Honey Almond Puffed Corn

October 22, 2017

Some women love flowers. I love snacks. It seems like I'm always trying to make it through that 3 o'clock hunger attack without ruining my appetite for dinner, or I'm craving a late-night snack that I won't regret. I'm so glad Culinary Tours has my back with tasty Northwest Honey Almond Puffed Corn.

Now, you're probably thinking that you've tried the whole "puffed corn" thing before and every bite is bland (my daughter refers to other puffed corns as "air puffs"). Well, this snack is anything but ordinary. Think less "bland" and more "sinfully good outdoor festival treat." The Pacific Northwest honey gives it that perfect blend of sweet to go with the hearty almond flavor. I love it when a snack can be both a dessert and an appetizer. Plus, this puffed corn has what I call the "Goldilocks" crunch: not too soft, not too hard. It's just right!

I had to tell my husband to "take these away from me" -even though I knew he'd finish the bag (which he did, much to my disappointment). Oh well. When you love something, set it free ... and then remember to pick up another bag the next time you're shopping.

If you're looking for a satisfying snack that's not greasy, you have to try these. I can't wait to make the cross-country "flavor trip" back to the East Coast to try the Vermont Maple.

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