One of my favorite summertime memories as a little girl is the mouthwatering aroma of kabobs grilling outside. As I was playing i the backyard, I could never resist grabbing a kabob straight off the grill, almost burning myself because I was so eager to taste one of these moist, meaty succulent skewers!

You can prepare my succulent kababs with lamb, beef or a combination of the two - all laced with fresh parsley, onions, and a bit of allspice. Traditionally, the kabobs are formed into long sausage-like shapes on the skewer, but you can also make them into little round patties for a very flavorful Lebanese take on a burger. I serve my "crave-a-licious" kafta kabobs with fresh and pickled vegetables, warm pita, and sauces like Tahini Sauce and Khayer b Laban.

Taboulie Tip! Be sure not to overgrill these kabobs. They should be moist and juicy!

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