My Lebanese culture is famous for our flatbreads and what better way to celebrate this beloved bread than with a mouthwatering Mediterranean medley that is fresh and full of flavor. Throughout the summertime season, I can hardly wait to gather the special fruits and vegetables that I discover growing in Mama's glorious garden and one of my favorite finds of all time is heirloom tomatoes. The rainbow-colored hues instantly attract my eye along with the freshly plucked vine-ripe sweet taste that seems to linger on my palate, making the perfect star ingredient for my Mediterranean pie. My flatbread is filled with fresh herbs, feta cheese, sweet red onions, briny olives, and finished with fresh baby arugula leaves that are lightly tossed in a lemony vinaigrette that tastes as lovely as savoring the endless summer days. You'll love the light and refreshing flavors which will most likely become your goto flatbread to gather your family and friends around the table for a relaxed and simple Mediterranean meal made easy.

Taboulie Tip! Use bottled springwater for best results.

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