Homegrown Season

Homegrown Season is Here

Local farms bring TOPS their freshest homegrown fruits and vegetables, so you bring home the best to your family while supporting your neighbors. Produce picked today can be on your table tonight!

  • Always the highest quality for your family
  • Grown on farms and orchards with generations of growing experience
  • Arrives in store at the peak of perfection
  • Inspected by experts you can trust
  • Partner with local growers to bring you the best

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TOPS Loves Local

This pin means your produce was grown close to home! When you see this sign, you're selecting homegrown produce from local farms and supporting local farmers!

TOPS partners with more than 200 local growers to ensure your produce is as fresh as possible.


Local Harvest Times

Your guide to what's in season and availabilty of homegrown produce.

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Partnering with Local Growers
to Bring You the Best!

TOPS works with over 200 growers in NY, Northwest PA and VT. Want to find a grower near you? Click on drop down menus below to view locations!

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