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  • Your Cookout Is Covered with BBQ HQ at Your Local TOPS!

    BBQ HQ at TOPS Friendly Markets helps you grill like a champ with great deals on the best ingredients all summer long. From juicy burgers and lean turkey burgers to tremendous toppings and sauces, your cookout will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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    Try These Flavor Combinations to Make Your Burger Even Better!

    Pickles + Salad Dressing

    The crunch of Vlasic pickles and the refreshing taste of Kraft salad dressing are the perfect complement to any burger. There are so many flavor combinations waiting at!

    Beef Burgers + BBQ Sauce

    Newman's Own BBQ sauce will give your BUBBA Beef burger a rich and robust flavor. Youll find more all-natural grilling sauces at

    Turkey Burgers + Hot Sauce

    Make your Jennie-O turkey burger come alive with Frank's hot sauce. Go to to see more ways to utilize the secret ingredient of Buffalo wings!

    Classic Ketchup + Mustard + Mayo

    Nothing beats the classic flavor combination of Heinz ketchup, French's mustard and Hellmann's mayonnaise for your burger.

    Black Olives + Crispy Lettuce

    Mix Musco black olives and Foxy romaine lettuce and add to your burger for a crisp crunch and smoky flavor. Discover the rich tradition of olives and the Musco family at

    Ranch Dressing + BBQ Sauce

    Combine Hidden Valley Ranch with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce for a topping that is sweet and tangy! Find more flavor varieties for both of these amazing toppings at and

    Steak Sauce + Baked Beans

    Adding A.1. steak sauce to your batch of Bushs Baked Beans brings out the distinct blend of spices. Find out more great cooking tips that you may have "bean" missing at

    burger with toppings
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    Turn Up the Flavor!
    Turn Up the Fun!

    Great grilling is only half of the battle. Click the images to get some great tips to help you maximize the fun at your BBQ. Whether youre having a family cookout or entertaining a large group of friends, theres always room for more recreation!

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    Fruit Skewers
    Peach Popsicles

    Fruit Ice Cubes
    Super Volleyball

    Infused Water
    Veggie Salad
    Watermelon Popsicles

    TOPS BBQ HQ Can Help You Achieve Grilling Greatness!

    Get Great at Grilling Meat

    Being Grillmaster comes with responsibilities. You need to know what the best methods of cooking on the grill are. See some helpful tips below to help get you started.

    • Only flip a steak once.
      When you put your steak on the grill, sear the first side to help lock in the juices and flavor. When you flip, sear the second side but dont let it rest. Move it to a cooler part of the grill to prevent it from charring.
    • Cook dark meat closer to the heat.
      When grilling chicken, place the dark meat closer to the center of the heat. As the chicken cooks, move all of the pieces to a cooler part of the grill in the same order they were originally put on the grill.
    • Don't peek too often.
      If youre looking, youre not cooking. When grilling or smoking ribs, maintaining temperature is key, and opening the lid too often causes big changes. Try to only open the lid when you think theyre ready to serve.

    Be a Pro at Grilling Produce

    Grilled produce is a healthy part of every cookout. But managing your produce on the grill is a concentrated task. Here are a few tips to help grill every piece perfectly.

    • Place the peach down.
      Cut a peach in half and place the cut sides on the grill. Grill until they're caramelized or you begin to see grill marks, then, flip to get the other sides tender.
    • Lightly oil your peppers.
      Rubbing a thin coat of oil to your peppers helps prevent them from sticking to the grill or charring.
    • Grill the corn first.
      Always season your corn after it's grilled. This is obvious if you're grilling with the husk on but if you're not, the pre-seasoning flavor will all get lost during grilling.
    view produce grill guide

    Start Your Cookout Right with Charcoal

    When you want that extra flavor in your grilling, be sure to use charcoal. It's withstood the test of time for a reason. See our handy tips below to help you master the art of charcoal grilling.

    • Build it up then light it up.
      Before you light your grill, be sure to stack the charcoal, not just toss it everywhere. This helps keep oxygen flowing throughout the grill and will ensure each briquette burns properly.
    • Give yourself time.
      Fast burgers are for drive-thrus. A nice bed of charcoal embers takes time to develop but adds that one-of-a-kind flavor you want.
    • Make your bed.
      Once the embers form a nice bed, move them around to make hotter and cooler spots on the grill. This gives you places you can move food to keep it cooking but not charring.

    You can make your favorite grilled foods even better with some tips from the pros at Kingsford. From picking the right beef for the perfect burger to carefully arranging your charcoal, there are dozens of tricks that will help you maximize flavor.

    Kingsford grill guide

    Fresh Burgers, Ready to Grill!

    Don't miss out on your favorite TOPS Fresh Burger Bar selections right in our Meat Department. There are so many flavors to choose from, with more added each day! Just tap or roll over a burger option for delicious topping suggestions!
    Which one will you grill tonight?


    Katana Blend Wagyu Burger

    Juicy, gourmet steak burger made from 100% Midwest, corn-fed Wagyu beef. 4 ct. pkg.

    Jalepeno Cheddar

    Jalapeño & Cheddar Burger

    This delicious burger has just enough spice to satisfy.

    Prime Rib

    Prime Rib Beef Burger

    An exceptionally juicy, rich and flavorful burger made from prime rib.

    Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese Burger

    An American classic with a tangy and smoky flavor.

    Butcher's Blend

    Butcher's Blend Sliders

    Made from premium Black Angus cattle for the most consistent quality and flavor. 8 ct. pkg.

    American Grass-Fed

    American Grass-Fed Burger

    Full-flavor burger that is free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. 4 ct. pkg.

    Bacon & Bleu Cheese

    Bacon & Bleu Cheese Burger

    A savory and robust burger that will satisfy any appetite.

    Fresh Italian

    TOPS Fresh Italian Burger

    Locally made and available in both mild and hot varieties.

    Mushroom & Swiss

    Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Burger

    Packed with mushrooms and Swiss for an incredible flavor combination.


    Prime Chuck Brisket Burger

    A custom blend of prime chuck and brisket for an amazing flavor.

    Bacon & Cheddar

    Bacon & Cheddar Burger

    The right blend of bacon, cheddar and beef form the perfect burger.

    New York Strip

    New York Strip Burger

    Lean and delicious New York Strip steak flavor in every bite.

    80% Lean Ground

    80% Lean Ground Beef Burger

    A juicy, traditional burger that's big on flavor.

    85% Lean Ground

    85% Lean Ground Beef Burger

    A leaner ground beef burger for a healthier BBQ with traditional flavor.

    Laura's Lean Ground

    Laura's Lean Ground Beef Burger

    A delicious, vegetarian-fed burger that's 92% lean.


    Jennie-O Fresh Turkey Burger

    Lean, delicious, all-natural turkey burger with no artificial ingredients.